Cinnamon Roll

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You’re running errands and you have a return to do at the mall. You walk in and the smell of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls fills your soul....just one return you tell yourself just one. You walk past and the smell of warm fluffy cinnamon rolls fills your nostrils. You think of the sugary sweet and creamy icing on top too! So good! If you just had one it wouldn’t be the end of the world right?

Don’t face the guilt! Open up a bag of Pretzel Cracks cinnamon roll flavored snack pretzels without the guilt of a 1000+ calorie roll you’ll likely regret later on!

Pretzel Crack pretzels pack a punch, they are mixed fresh for every order. We only use the best ingredients and hold our standards very high to only use the best ingredients in our seasonings. They are sure to satisfy any snack craving!

Note: Processing times take between 24-72 hours.