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Can't decide on just one flavor? Try all of our delicious Pretzel Crack flavors and save a few bucks!

Pretzel Crack pretzels pack a punch, they are mixed fresh for every order. We only use the best ingredients and hold our standards very high to only use the best ingredients in our seasonings. They are sure to satisfy any snack craving!

Flavors include:

Honey Mustard & Onion: 

Helllloooo honeyyyy! Best believe when it comes to a salty snack, honey mustard is front and center for our choice of dipping sauces. But why limit it to just one dipped bite when you can coat an entire pretzel in its sweet golden goodness?! Pop one of these pretzels in your mouth, and cue the hallelujah chorus as you enjoy one of our new top selling flavors!


Deep Dish Pizza: 

Anyone who says money can't buy happiness has never spent a good chunk of their paycheck on a true, and dare we say beautiful, Chicago deep dish pizza. If you are like us, pizza is our love language, so we set the bar extra high when it came to transferring this lovely pie to a pretzel. Garnished with olive oil, oregano, tomato, mozzarella, a blend of Italian herbs and spices...Mamma mia! One of the best parts of our pizza pretzels - you don't have to burn the roof of your mouth if you're impatient like us. 



Buffalo Ranch:

We are bringing some warmth and zing to our once cool and collected ranch flavor. This seasoning has been promoted from once a lowly dipping sauce to one of our biggest crowd-pleasing combinations. Truly a match made in heaven, and sure to never disappoint!


Cheddar Cheese:

Sometimes being too cheesy isn't a good thing. (Can we all just officially be done with bad pick-up lines?)

But in the world of Pretzel Crack, "too cheesy" just isn't in our vocabulary. Cheddar cheese is arguably the world's most popular cheese, but despite its popularity we have put in the time to source only the best cheddar that is aged to perfection. If you are as single as an individually packaged slice of cheese, maybe take a note from our pretzels - stay sharp and if you are going to be cheesy, pair it with some maturity.


Note: Processing times take between 24-72 hours.