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Can't decide on just one flavor? Try all of our delicious Pretzel Crack flavors and save a few bucks!

Pretzel Crack pretzels pack a punch, they are mixed fresh for every order. We only use the best ingredients and hold our standards very high to only use the best ingredients in our seasonings. They are sure to satisfy any snack craving!

Flavors include:

Grandpa's Baked Potato:

“But Pretzel Crack, how can you recreate such a nostalgic, comfort food and then add it to a pretzel?” We are so glad you asked! Our inspiration - those grandpas who pile their baked potato mountain high with all the fixins’! We combine all the flavors of that first, warm bite of baked potato - bacon, chives, cheese, need us say more? So let every bite of every pretzel explode with all those favorite toppings. So cheers to you, grandpas everywhere, and stay off our lawn!


Honey Mustard & Onion: 

Helllloooo honeyyyy! Best believe when it comes to a salty snack, honey mustard is front and center for our choice of dipping sauces. But why limit it to just one dipped bite when you can coat an entire pretzel in its sweet golden goodness?! Pop one of these pretzels in your mouth, and cue the hallelujah chorus as you enjoy one of our new top selling flavors!

Deep Dish Pizza: 

Our deep dish cheese pizza has delicious ingredients based from popular deep dish pizzerias in the Chicagoland area from our flaky, buttery crust to our California ripe tomatoes and Wisconsin cheese.


It’s 2pm. You had lunch a few hours ago and you’re craving a mouth watering grilled cheeseburger. You could jump in your car and head to your favorite fast food restaurant but you just remembered that tonight is game night and your family is expecting you to bring home ice cream. You don’t want to spoil your calorie intake on a cheeseburger! Instead you open a fresh bag of Pretzel Crack cheeseburger flavored pretzels. Ohhh so good! The pretzels hit your tongue and you instantly taste the grease off the grate of the grill, that perfectly toasted bun, the pickles, and the juicy patty! Oh soo yummy! It’s the flavor of a cheeseburger without the guilt that comes along with eating it.


Cinnamon Roll:

Your running errands and you have a return to do at the mall. You walk in and the smell of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls fills your soul....just one return you tell yourself just one. You walk past and the smell of warm fluffy cinnamon rolls fills your nostrils. If you just had one it wouldn’t be the end of the world right?

Don’t face the guilt! Open up a bag of Pretzel Cracks cinnamon roll flavored snack pretzels without the guilt of a 1000+ calorie roll you’ll likely regret later on!

Jalapeno Cheddar:

We are turning up the heat a bit on the beloved cheddar cheese. Our hand-selected sharp cheddar cheese is elevated with flavors of jalapeno peppers for some extra kick. This flavor combination proved that you just can’t have one without the other; just don’t make us start singing Love and Marriage by Sinatra...

*(referencing the famous Love and Marriage song by Frank Sinatra).


Buffalo Ranch:

We are bringing some warmth and zing to our once cool and collected ranch flavor. This seasoning has been promoted from once a lowly dipping sauce to one of our biggest crowd-pleasing combinations. Truly a match made in heaven, and sure to never disappoint!


Cheddar Cheese:

Our hand-selected sharp cheddar cheese is elevated with deep cheese flavors.

Note: Processing times take between 24-72 hours.