Grandpa's Baked Potato

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“But Pretzel Crack, how can you recreate such a nostalgic, comfort food and then add it to a pretzel?” We are so glad you asked! Our inspiration - those grandpas who pile their baked potato mountain high with all the fixins’! We combine all the flavors of that first, warm bite of baked potato - bacon, chives, cheese, need us say more? So let every bite of every pretzel explode with all those favorite toppings. So cheers to you, grandpas everywhere, and stay off our lawn!

Pretzel Crack pretzels pack a punch, they are mixed fresh for every order. We only use the best ingredients and hold our standards very high to only use the best ingredients in our seasonings. They are sure to satisfy any snack craving!

Note: Processing times take between 24-72 hours.